n24h 2019

  1. Oscurr

    Walkenhorst Motorsport #100 M6 GT3 N24h 2019 1.0

    With the N24h 2020 coming soon, here i present to you the Walkenhorst #100 car from the N24h 2019. After a long time, I have finally brought myself to finish this long-due livery. Base work was started by @NCIS , but since he was busy with work i have reworked and finished this livery. Since...
  2. Luca Badin

    #15 Team Car Collection N24h 2019 1.1

    This is the #15 Audi Sport Team Car Collection car driven by Stefan Aust, Oliver Bender, Christian Bollrath and Jean-Louis Hertenstein in the 2019 Nürbürgring 24h. The lineup was the only all-Bronze category one in the SP9 class, and as such technically the weakest entry. It finished in 15th...
  3. Luca Badin

    #30 Frikadelli Racing Team N24h 2019 1.0

    Yesterday it was rightfully pointed out to me that the #12 Manthey car, which I skinned a few weeks ago, was actually not the only 2016 spec 911 entered in the 2019 24H Nürbürgring, so... This is the #30 Frikadelli Racing Team car driven by team boss Klaus Abbelen alongside Alexander Müller...
  4. Bozz.gee

    Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO - Nurburgring 24hr 2019 Pack 2020-05-02

    Audi Sport - Total Nurburgring 24hour 2019 Pack First time posting anything in ages, as well as first time doing anything for RF2. Pack has 3 cars, #29 Audi Sport Team Land, #14 Audi Sport Team Car Collection & #5 Phoenix Racing. #29 Audi Sport - Team Land #5 Phoenix Racing #14 Audi...
  5. Itzdatmancam

    #4 Audi R8 LMS Team Phoenix 1.2

    My first livery! You can also download from Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/oszkrhv1irru1/%234_Land-Motorsport
  6. PR0JECTNR56

    Glickenhaus SCG003C N24H 2019 #705 1.1

    Introduction: #705 SP-X entry by Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, which raced on the ADAC TOTAL 24h-Race 2019 Nurburgring. Installation: There are two skin options to choose from: - SCG003C_N24H_2019_705_DXT5 - Normal version (4K (DXT5) DDS) - SCG003C_N24H_2019_705_UC - Uncompressed version (4K...
  7. formulaHEINE

    ADAC Total 24h-Race 2019 numberplate 1.0

    Here is a fully vector-based recreation of the new 2019 Total themed red numberplate design for the famous ADAC Total 24h-Race on the Nürburgring. As a bonus you'll get a recreation of the new race logo, too. Photoshop would be recommended! !!! You need the 'ITC Machine Std' font installed for...