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  1. Kecskern

    Green GT satsuma savegame! 1.0

    -7000Markka -Jokke Moved to the town -Rally Parts ordered -Green GT paintjob -Engine rebuilded -New G/T tires on the car -Suski Done
  2. B

    msc save game gt fully tuned inf money with turbo and ecu ready v1.0

    Green satsuma gt rally ready fully tuned with all keys vehicles and A LOAD of money! works best with donnerplays donnertech turbo and ecu mod but if you dont have it, it still works perfectly fine. all parts owned if you need any that are not in garage they will be at fleetaris suski story done...
  3. rysonxd

    Stock Satsuma AMP Save (400k mk) 1.1

    Fully stock satsuma, you may have to tune a bit. I literally only built the satsuma, nothing else done. 400k Marks in your wallet too I'm very active and reliable. If you want anything added I'll make sure to do it. :)
  4. R

    My summer car save stock 1,1

    Here is my savegame i hope you enjoy cause people dont like my saves for some reason download it if you want im not begging you
  5. Ax 577

    Tuned Satsuma ...

    Tuned Satsuma A lot of money Keys to the,hayoskio,ruscko,gifu A lot of food and beer Wristwatch Satsuma engine is 100% wear its like new
  6. D

    please repare my satsuma is wont start engine. please fix it.

    please fix the satsuma its wont start . please
  7. Antzo


    MODS COMES IN THE FOLDER ASWELL AS THE IMAGES AND STUFF! YOU NEED MOD LOADER My first satsuma build, fully tuned with turbo and ecu https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/donnertechracing-satsuma-turbocharger.31021/ (you need to install it yourself)...