msc save file

  1. SenaiReiDelas

    MSC All the parts to start building Satsuma 2022-04-17

    3 Brake fluids 1 Oil filter 1 Colant 1 battery 2 Black spray 1 Yellow spray 1 Spark plugs 1 Alternator belt 2 Car light bulb box 1 Oil filter 1 Extinguisher 1 Ratchet set 5 Whell regula 3000 MK Some pizzas and coffe
  2. Elliot2010

    Saved game 1

    If you don't want to build the car download my save.
  3. Kkolikk

    MSC SaveGames 2020 No Tuned (tuned soon) 2020-04-14

    Hey! This is my savegames and not tuned and no stock... but coming soon +50000mk +7 Tobakko pack +Full food fridge +4-5 Beer +All spray paint + 5-6 yeast +5-6 sugar +Ready kilju +All cars + keys +Number telebbs notepad -KKoliKK
  4. J

    car wont start help 2020-04-05

    car wont start fully tuned
  5. D

    Tuned Satsuma 1.0

    In this save tuned Satsuma. 490000 marks
  6. D

    Stock Satsuma 1

    Tuned carburetor
  7. S

    MSC Save: Easy Start 1.1

    MSC Easy Start Save Game This save does not have the Satsuma built, but it will help you build it. So the idea of this is that when you start the game you need to run a few errands to get your car running. Such as the tires or the spark plugs and so on. In this save I've gone ahead and done...
  8. Computerfreund

    Broken Satsuma | Can you repair it?

    Hey guys. I have started MSC since a long time and Wired it finish. But now the car wont start. Nothing. Ive tried a new Batterie but nothing happens. Hopefully you can fix it :D ~Computerfreund
  9. spajderowskyy

    msc save 2018-06-01

    satsuma has been tuned rusco has not been won. to save it has been attached save with satsuma without tuning, but attention in the store is to pick up items such as a new cooler, etc.
  10. XxFazeGamer900

    My Save Game MSC 1.0

    my save game doesn't have the new clutch plate on the satsuma the reason why I don't is because if I do the car shakes and the engine shakes and it brakes other than that the car runs good just make sure it don't go past 13.0 at 14.0 is when it will blows up not sure why but yea I hope u have...