1. A

    AutoBGM 0.1

    AutoBGM - An automatic MP3 player in Assetto Corsa! Warning! Very Early Beta! Many issues are not yet resolved, but it is somewhat usable. Looking for experienced AC app makers for assistance. Look at the bottom of the post if you think you can help! Features Music player running within...
  2. F

    The Prodigy CD coverart 2018-09-03

    Required CD Player Enchanced Included coverart mesh templates for: Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned Experience Music for the jilted generation The fat of the land
  3. piotrulos

    CD Player Enhanced 1.5.1

    Reviews tab are not for reporting problems due to one reply. Also include your output_log.txt to your post. Enchanced CD Player with mp3 and flac support and multiple CDs. Common mistake: Remove original CD from player and save before installing this mod. If CD cannot be inserted or falls...