1. Ghostyboi

    Ferrari F2004 Mighty Car Mods CHOPPED MCM Livery CHOPPED LEVEL - 1

    FERRARI F1 F2004 MCM CHOPPED STYLE. The size has been kept small so that it can works with the Sim Racing System Skin Transfer app. MY FIRST PUBLISHED SKIN. If you like the livery please do take the time to rate it. All suggestions are welcomed.
  2. G

    Ferrari 488 GT3/GTE: Irn Bru / Youtube Livery 2019-06-27

    Colours from Irn Bru (orange/blue) with a few Irn Bru logos. Other 'sponsor' logos include: (usa based:) motortrendondemand roadkill / roadkill garage hotrod garage cleetus mcfarland (australian based:) haltech mighty car mods benny's custom works skid factory