maserati mc12

  1. GTR3Legend

    #1 Vitaphone Racing Lamborghini 1.0

    Very roughly based on the 2006 MC12 skin, with a few updated sponsors and drivers.
  2. ignacy rojek

    random skin for maserati mc12 0.1

    Made a skin for maserati mc12, I think the colour scheme is nice
  3. Nico

    Maserati MC12 - Edo Competition 1.0

    My first skin for AC, so is not a 100% accurate recreation of the original vehicle. Some logos were impossible to find, so they had to be created from scratch. Thanks to schUPpor for some hints.
  4. J

    Yellow Headlight for Maserati MC12 GT1 2017-05-19

    Yellow Headlight for Maserati MC12 GT1 copy into your MC12 GT1 Car Skin.
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Introducing the Maserati MC12 for Assetto Corsa

    The third 'Ready to Race' Assetto Corsa DLC reveal is a bit of a peach... introducing the sublime Maserati MC12 from the glory days of GT racing. Evoking memories of the legendary GTR 2 from Simbin Studios, the announcement that Kunos Simulazioni will be bringing one of the all time most...