1. BeefyPeeg

    BMW M2 CS Racing Wheel Skinning

    Does anyone know if it is possible to paint the rims on the M2 CS Racing?
  2. J

    S397 BMW M2 Top Gear Britcar 1.1

    The number of liveries for the M2 was looking a little bit low, so I thought I'd help increase the grid size with everyone's favourite Britcar 24hr livery.
  3. Highlandwalker

    S397 BMW M2 BP Ultimate 1.1

    Here's skin for the BMW M2.
  4. DesertFox0404

    BMW M2 CS Racing - Dashboard 1.0

    BMW M2 CS Racing Dashboard for SIMHUB (https://www.simhubdash.com/) Dashboard use local units for speed, temperature, pressure and fuel Installation: Extract zip file Double click on "BMW M2 CS Racing" to import into SimHub First info page like in the game: Another useful page: You will...
  5. mesa

    BMW M2 WRE 1.0

    BMW M2 World Rally Enthusiasts livery features: Michelin tyres, custom livery, door window slider The World Rally Enthusiasts Facebook page just celebrated its 1st anniversary. To mark this occasion we published a Dirt Rally 2.0 custom livery for the BMW M2 car specially made and customized...
  6. RallyGamer

    BMW M2 Competition - BMW Protect X 1.0

    Vehicle: BMW M2 Competition Livery: BMW Protect X Class: Rally GT Installation manual can be found in the download