1. What do you upgrade or replace next?

    What do you upgrade or replace next?

    When it comes to upgrading your sim racing equipment there are so many options, it can be daunting to decide where you should spend your money. Of course there are many people out there that don’t have to worry about where they spend their money. For the rest of us, we want to make sure we get...
  2. cteters

    Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920 load cell DIY project

    Seeing that I haven’t completed the work, allow me to showcase the work of others in my place, as this is starting to become more of a repository of ideas on the topic. RD member GeekyDeaks showcases a bathroom scale based load-cell project on his github - More details about bathroom scale...
  3. BloodySalmonMan

    DIY AMG GT3 steering wheel

    Hey guys. I've designed and built AMG GT3 style wheel this time. The logo on the centre is Alfa Romeo but it was requested by the customer, and yeah, it worked pretty nicely I should say. So, as per usual, here are some pics of the wheel! If you're thinking about buying one, feel free to DM me...
  4. Jippert92

    F1 2018 Lazy steering

    Hi everyone, Few days ago I bought F1 2018 and so far I'am only playing around with steering settings. It feels the game reacts half a second later to my steering input. I tried a lot with degre settings, saturations and linearty. But the problem stays the same. I use a Logitech G27 wich is at...