jaguar g3 gt3

  1. mark426

    Jaguar G3 Pavolia Reine Hololive Indonesia x TWR team GT300 1.0

    This is my second attempt to create Itasha for Super GT. This time is Pavolia Reine from Hololive Indonesia! The reason im creating Jaguar G3 Emil Frey is because the liveries of the car is very lacking and i wanted Jaguar to racing in Super GT so i decided to create my own livery. Same as...
  2. Kevorkyijan

    Jaguar G3 Emil Frey Monza Setup 1.47.6!

    Hello Again drivers! With YET another setup :) This time i wanted to share with the community my personal and faboulus setup for the Jaguar G3. Note : i love this car and track combination , and i wanted to give people a reason to stop driving BMW M6 , Lamborghini's at Monza ...because they are...
  3. RearView Racing

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Update 5 My Review

    Here’s my take on the latest update for ACC. I’m new to YouTube so let me know what you think of my review. Thanks for taking time out to watch my video.