1. Psykoface

    GT4 M4 BMW WILLIAMS RACING 2020-08-06

    Custom WILLIAMS RACING SKIN for the BMW M4 Copy the Customs folder into your ACC map in "my documents" to install.
  2. R

    V10 1000HP Kart Download ?

    Hello, i saw this video and wanted to try the kart out for myself. But i cant find the download anywhere. Can someone help me ?
  3. marcos25611

    F1 2018 Hi, I need help with my mod more power for F1 2018

    Hello everyone, last year I developed this mod for F1 2017, this mod gave more power to the engines of f1, the bad thing is that it had some other bug. But it was playable, I would like someone with more time to realize my mod for the f1 2018. Type: my lap in Austria was of 58 seconds ...
  4. K

    Satsuma Horsepower Comparison (Updated)

    This is a comparison of different Satsuma parts and how much they effect performance. The set ups are in the following order: Stock Stock+ (Steel Headers, Racing Flywheel, Racing Exhaust & Muffler) Twin Carburettor Race Carburettor To compare the horsepower and torque I'll be using Roman266's...