1. Günthar Rowe

    True2Life-Racing Designs - Porsche 992 GT3 R Herbie 1.0

    Asked for by a mate
  2. L

    Herbie "The Love Bug" 1.0

    My first skin for AMS2 so go easy... Herbie "The Love Bug" everybodies favourite racecar from 1968 i made this with GIMP which is very useful but dam is it unintuitive to use :mad: in fact i managed to get chrome & matte effects on this skin but i must have fluked it because i cant for the...
  3. NikoMoraes

    PORSCHE GT3 2016 SKIN JULIET 24HS SPA 2019-07-25

  4. Xx_SatsumaMSC_xX

    Herbie Skin For Satsuma 1.0

    Install skin by going to Steam>Library>Right Click My Summer Car>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files>Copy car.png To The Images Folder. OPTIONAL: Install plate by using Texture Pack Importer http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/texture-pack-importer-tool.17294/
  5. shadow118

    Lotus Type 49 Herbie 1.0

    Was watching some old episodes of Archer and in the one, where they were in Monaco (S02E11), there was a Type 49 Lotus with a Herbie livery (Lana was driving it later in the episode). Naturally, I had to make it :) I added some details that weren't in the episode, like the blue-red color scheme...