1. PassiveObsessive

    Group C Pit Sounds 1.0

    This sound file will change the sounds played whilst you are in the pits changing your setups and looking at other driver's times. A bunch of Group C sounds from various real life events put into GTR2. I've kept the same kind of volume and I have tried to leave it without editing where possible...
  2. DavidDGA

    1991 Mazda 767B - Pleasure Racing #230 1.1

    1991 Mazda 767B - Pleasure Racing #230 for Kunos Mazda 787B. This car ran at JSPC in 1991 and 1992, which didn't really stand out. That's why there are only a few photos available of this livery.
  3. Amir Vodokotlic

    Nissan NP35 IMSA #83 1.1

    Basic Skin that never raced. The number 83 car that was for IMSA I guess? ModLink: Thanks to stereo and mclaren for mod. updated to 1.1 (April.15th) -rims -color -tires drag and drop with CM or...