1. Niels Tieman

    Jordan Grand Prix v1.0

    Gallery82 Motorsport Design - Jordan Grand Prix Designed by Niels Tieman Version / Change Log V1 Backstory Eddie Jordan continued his program with Jordan Grand Prix in 2005 together with Mugen Honda. The team decided to bring back the snake design for the 2021 season, based on the 1997 car...
  2. NielsTie

    Gallery82 Motorsport Ferrari 488 GT3 v1.0

    A fictional GT3 team, based on the brand colors of Gallery82. Lately we've released the Monster Energy livery. We thank you all for the enthousiastic reactions and over 300 downloads in a week. We are planning more fictional GT3 liveries in the near future and this is one of them. Thanks for...
  3. NielsTie

    Monster Energy Porsche 911 GT3 2016 v1.1

    Title: Monster Energy Porsche 911 GT3 2016 Tagline: Monster Energy, Porsche, GT3, Blancpain A fictional Blancpain GT3 team - pack comes with three different versions. The (basic) green, blue (Absolutely Zero) and (Ultra) Black version driven by community members Julian Beck, Jone Overland and...
  4. NielsTie

    Gallery82 | F1 Hybrid | BAR F1 2017 v1.0

    Gallery82 presents the BAR F1 2017 (fictional) livery. This car started of with some lines after surfing the net for some inspiration. After the first 'work in progress'- screenshots somebody made the observation that it would be a good looking BAR F1- car. I really liked the idea and started...
  5. joostingh

    McLaren 650S GT3 - Scuderia Segafredo 2.0

    I've made my first livery for Grand Prix 3. After some help from my friend Niels Tieman (Gallery82) I never stopped editing texture and creating new car liveries. This is my latest car and the first to be on RaceDepartment. If you have comment or see something that isn't correct. Please tell me...