1. T

    Nissan L28ET Sound V1.01

    This mod has been created thanks to an amazing tool released by ange-yaghi called engine sim. LINK It allows to simulate sound of whatever engine you can imagine, whether it's realistic or not. It is not the most used friendly tool, however it has allowed me to create this amazing L28ET sound...
  2. P

    Nissan Fairlady Z 432 ZAP livery!!!! 1.0

    It's a livery i've been looking for since I first saw it in the real car... I hope people who want this skin for this specific car can find this post! Works with Daweedz Z too -- Pointed out by Charles Parker, thank you!
  3. Mathonner

    Caltex skin for Nissan 240Z 1

    This is my very first public skin on Project Cars ( and on RaceDepartment in general ), and my first public creation is a skin for the Nissan 240Z with a Caltex themed paint Please tell me as soon as possible what do you think of it ^^
  4. R

    Nissan Fairlady - Totalcar Aardvark 2018-12-19

    The Totalcar is a car news portal and magazine.They made tihs race car.