1. B

    Improved National Flags MOD (For MP) 2

    - Not a special mod, just improved colors from 47 out of 88 Flags - Mainly edited for Multiplayer Version 1. Even better mods coming soon. ;) I improved most flags Installation: Drag and drop to: ,,Main game folder\asset_groups\ui_package'' In preview photo below is obviously blury because...
  2. nicksawyl

    SF90 livery concept v-1.1

    SF90 Livery concept : the following numbers have been changed: - 5 Vettel, 7 Raikkonen, 16 Leclerc (for those using the 2019 mod) and number 99. - the numbers of the pilots have their own flags at the top of the number just like in the SF90. - livery changed in matte livery just like the SF90. -...
  3. nicksawyl

    Alfa Romeo Special Livery C38 v-1.0

    hello to everyone:D, after the livery special of the Mercedes:cool: I decided to recreate also the livery special of Alfa Romeo, there are some difficult or impossible parts to color, but I will try to update this livery with the passing of time ;)
  4. nicksawyl

    Mercedes Petronas W10 Recoloring v.1

    Mercedes W10 Recoloring : - New Livery - Recoloring of rear wing. - Recoloring of front wing. - All sponsor white. Mark Antar Design : In game :
  5. nicksawyl

    Alfa Romeo Racing recoloring v.1

    Alfa Romeo Rancing return in F1 : - This mod goes to color the Alfa Romeo entirely red like the last Alfa Romeo present in F1 in 1985. - All logos / sponsors are white. - New sponsor: CNBC - Race red livery, Alfa 1985 style.
  6. nicksawyl

    Ferrari SF71-H Recoloring v.1.1

    Installation copy & paste - Change the color of the writing on the suspension from White to Red. - Color change of sponsors under the white to red bellies. - Coloration of the lower part of the halo white. - Application of the Mission Win Now sponsor in the bonnet. - Application of the Mission...