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f12020 my team indonesia

  1. Rarisqian

    My Team F1 2020 - Racing Spartan 1.0

    Spartan Racing Livery has been released . Inspired by BrawnGP livery, with a touch of batik accents and several local company sponsors, As a hope that local companies can penetrate the global market, honestly I like the design of the rear wing, where the blend of the Woderful Indonesia logo is...
  2. 22reggyarsanda

    Jagonya Ayam F1 Team - MyTeam Career F1 2020 Fantasy Livery 1.0

    Jagonya Ayam Formula 1 Team - My Team Career F1 2020 (ENG) This is my first mod and i just try to make something (look) different for F1 2020 MyTeam Career. This base livery is inspired from A1GP 2006 Indonesia Car, some sponsorship on the car inspired from Sean Gelael (because i'm fans him...