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f1 2019 career

  1. N

    Mercedes-AMG Petronas Career Helmet - GHOST 1.0

    Career helmet for F1 2019 Mercedes-AMG Petronas. The helmet is made in the style of ghosts.
  2. Gaara CewoFan

    F1 2019 Randomizing Every drivers teams in F1 2019

    Is it possible to randomize every drivers teams in F1 2019 (For an example Gasly in MP Motorsport, Prost in Racing Point, Stroll in 1990 Ferrari etc).? It was possible in FIFA 19 but is it possible for F1 2019? Watch this: I wonder if the drivers teams were randomized? Aitken and Senna (died...
  3. phoenix84621

    F1 2019 Career Mode Liveries 1.1

    This is the liveries that I've been using in my career mode. Enjoy. Aston Martin Red Bull Racing 007 Livery Coca Cola Haas F1 Team Racing Point F1 Team McLaren F1 Team (without Coca Cola Sponsorship)