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f1 2018 formula e mod

  1. Gaara CewoFan

    F1 2018 I wonder who will make the Formula E mod for F1 2018?

    Language file (made by me) Liveries & caps (made by @ItzzAdr14n) Then why there is no Helmets, Suits, custom faces, Michelin tires, Formula E sound and Track sponsorboards for this mod? I wonder who will make them.
  2. Gaara CewoFan

    F1 2018 PROJECT: Formula E 2018-19 mod For F1 2018 (although F1 2019 has arrived)

    Let's awake the Electric project for F1 2018 game (although the 2019 one has come). Here is my cover about the Formula E 2018-19 mod (I made a bad cover LOL, you guys can do it better). Download...