1. MJQT

    MAS-Explorer (from Virtua_LM) v2.12

    Virtua_LM's MAS-Explorer is a handy tool to help you unpack and pack MAS files for rFactor and for F1 Challenge. Since it works for rFactor, it also works for Automobilista MAS files, provided that they are unencrypted. This tool was getting difficult to find on the internet, so I thought it...
  2. Gxys

    Stylized Track Open World 1.0

    https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1894y1y7Ux This is an attempt to implement an open world in AC, a 1km*1km stylized map, and tests for 3D trees, natural terrain, collisions, lods... .There are 6530 trees (average 650 triangular faces per tree), 1882 stones, all rock vegetation is generated in...
  3. OverBoostMPH

    Unity Assets Explorer v1.5 (Can't Find Anywhere)

    HI there, I've been looking for weeks but can't seem to find unity assets explorer (v1.5) I've tried to download from dropbox that everyone is posting but it's been saying for the pastweek "Download limit hit for today" Is there anyone who could post a link to Mediafire would be fantastic...