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  1. S

    General Only one brake disc textured, rest textured partially

    Hi! I'm modding Supra for personal use. Everything went fine (my 1st mod so I'm proud) but I encountered a problem with texturing brake discs. So in AC/CM showroom everything is ok, but when I get this Supra on race there is only one brake disc textured (rear right). Rest of them aren't textured...
  2. M

    Verbatim CD 2018-06-10

    Hi everyone! I made texture, replacing default CD to Verbatim. Hope you like it ;) It looks like this:
  3. cski68

    Cars Glowing rotors for new Car Mod in Assetto Corsa

    Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with a problem on my new car mod in AC. The base car I deconstructed to use for my car had glowing rotors but after loading into AC the rotors don't glow. I know all the textures are loaded right and the .ini files are there. Did I miss a setting in the...
  4. P

    Parhaita settejä Suomesta. Finnish coverart 1

    A CD coverart which I made. Don't take it too seriously :D. Got those songs also but I don't know is it legal to upload them? But you can put your own 80s and 90s finnish songs too.