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dirt 5

  1. G

    DiRT 5 DiRT - the differency

    Could you please tell me - what is the difference between the games: DiRT 5 and DiRT Rally 2.0 ?
  2. T

    DiRT 5 DiRT 5 doesn't lauch

    hey guys, i have a problem, i bought the game on steam, when i press the play button, nothing appear and the game is not launching, it only do that with dirt 5 because dirt rally 2.0 or f12020 are working well. Do u have an idea on what can i do please ? Thanks
  3. Ljayuk

    DiRT 5 Wheels not currently supported!

    At the moment Its looking like a large majority of wheels and pedals are not supported for dirt 5 including the Fanatec equipment. The Fanatec CSW 2.5 is what im using and they are 'looking to support it soon' Ridiculous. To lauch a driving game without wheel support.
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT 5 DiRT 5 | Xbox Series S Gameplay Footage

    Codemasters have released new video footage of the upcoming DiRT 5 videogame on Microsoft Xbox Series S - the upcoming new device from the console gaming giants. First next gen Xbox gameplay. First look at Path Finder mode. Release scheduled for November 6th. In this latest video release...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT 5 DiRT 5 | Release Date Moved To November, Next Gen Console

    Codemasters have moved their upcoming DiRT 5 rally game to a November release window, whilst also confirming launch title status for the next gen Xbox Series S/X. Release postponed until November 6th for PS4/Xbox One/PC. November 10th release date for next gen consoles. New Xbox Series S/X...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT 5 DiRT 5 | New 'Stampede' Arizona Track Gameplay Footage

    Codemasters have released a first look at the Arizona Stampede track that will be available as part of the launch content for the upcoming rally racer. DiRT 5 releases October 9th. First footage of the new venue and gameplay mode. Having been announced by Codemasters as the successor to the...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT 5 DiRT 5 Announced - Launch Scheduled For October

    All has become clear as Codemasters confirm their new off road racing title is... DiRT 5! Yes, the teaser has become an announcement, with Codies confirming the fifth instalment of their DiRT franchise is in the works and expected to launch towards the end of the year. The full press...