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Who will win the Formula One US Grand Prix?

  • Verstappen

    Votes: 930 57.4%
  • Hamilton

    Votes: 396 24.4%
  • Bottas

    Votes: 66 4.1%
  • Norris

    Votes: 73 4.5%
  • Pérez

    Votes: 58 3.6%
  • Sainz

    Votes: 11 0.7%
  • Leclerc

    Votes: 40 2.5%
  • Ricciardo

    Votes: 23 1.4%
  • Somebody else

    Votes: 23 1.4%

daytona usa

  1. KyleJCrb

    DU Univ: Daytona USA skin pack for Cup90 1.0

    Welcome to the Daytona USA Universe! This carset comes from a special Cup90 mod for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season by SUTempest, DarkBlueYoshi, and AlphonseDaya on DeviantArt to recreate all of the player cars and select AI cars from every game in the Daytona USA series, as well as bonus fictional...
  2. Stoolbend

    Gallop Racing #41 "Hornet" 1

    Here is a version of #41 "Hornet" from Gallop Racing - from arcade classic Daytona USA. It has been designed around the Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R in ACC. If you have any feedback or suggestions then please let me know on here, or on Discord! (Stoolbend#0306) Installation Unzip this file and...
  3. ZenTheChibi

    Daytona USA - Hornet High Class livery 1.3

    Ever wanted to drive the Hornet from Daytona USA in a game set in 1995 where you build a **** car? Ever wanted to battle those shitty wasps with a Hornet? WELL NOW YOU CAN FOLKS! INTRODUCING THE HORNET HIGH CLASS FROM DAYTONA USA! DAY-TO-NAAAAAAAAAA!!! LET'S GO AWAAAAAAAAAY!!!