1. L

    Nextion 3.2" F1 2020 Dashboard + 2nd timing screen Nextion 3.2 v1.03 + 2nd screen v1.2

    2 kinds of dashboards i made and use. - A nice dashboard on or behind your steeringwheel - a timing screen for on second monitor or tablet, and keep track about laptimes and a good overview on the circuit map 1. Nextion 3.2 F1 dashboard Only for Nextion 3.2 screens Test everything in the F1...
  2. EduCalza

    Alfa Romeo F1 2019 - Dashboard 1.3

    Alfa Romeo F1 Team - F1 2019 - DASHBOARD for SIMHUB (https://www.simhubdash.com/) This not add the dashboard to game, it's only for SimHub, perfect for LCD screen on Steering Wheel, second screen, phone/tablet. Credits goes to... Javascript codes is from Ensi Ferrum dashboard. Double click on...
  3. Ensi Ferrum

    F1-2019 DashStudio 0.1.1

    Beta Release of the F1-2019 SimHub Dash in DashStudio format. Installation is pretty easy: Download, extract, start "Setup F1-2019.msi". Wanna use the LEDs? You have to import 'em (F1-2019.leds) from "C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\DashTemplates\F1-2019\LEDs". Sorry guys, I am currently short...