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clubsport wheelbase v2

  1. G

    Clubsport 2.5 vs TS-PC racer

    Could you please advise me on whether I should buy the fanatec 2.5 or the TS-PC racer. I believe the 2.5 is the best belt wheel available, but TS-PC racer comes quite close. If that is the case, then pricing is also interesting. As the TS-PC racer with Ferrari rim now comes at about EUR 480...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Fanatec Repairs UK? CSWv2 & CSPv2

    Hey folks, hope everyone is safe and well and enjoying the summer :) Ok, I've got a Fanatec CSW V2 base and the CSP V2 pedals sat here doing nothing, and before I advertise them for sale I want to get them sent off and serviced and repaired to ensure they are as robust and solid as possible for...