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cameras replays

  1. Sam12H

    Le Mans '79-'85 cams (flying and classic) 1.1

    These are cameras I made for 1979-85 Le Mans available on the Miscellaneous Minutiae blog (see the readme file). Getting the camera base positions is easy thanks to the Custom Shaders Patch debug app, and finding a reasonable flight path isn't too bad when you do the math described HERE...
  2. Leonardo Ratafiá

    TV Cameras for Miseluk GP 0.1

    A couple of camera sets for this amazing street course http://www.lemaxsimracing.com/assettocorsa/miseluk
  3. Gregz0r

    acu_interlagos 90s: Real TV Replay Cameras from 1991. 2.0

    Real 1991 F1 TV replay cameras for the acu_interlagos 90s track. I edited these to mimic how they were back in the day, using real footage as the base reference for each camera's position, start and end points, within ksEditor. I had to improvise as best as I could, wherever track layouts...

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