1. 7thFEROX

    RSS Formula 2013 - Sauber C32 1.0

    Ello, Here is a skin I made for the RSS Formula 2013 showcasing the Sauber F1 drivers Nico Hülkenberg & Esteban Gutiérrez for the 2013 season. The skin includes an ext_config to try and show a metallic affect but will only work with CSP. Doesn't look much different without it. Some sponsors...
  2. Racer501

    Sauber C32 2018-02-04

    Hi guys:). Sorry if i was inactive with this of the 2013 skins, i have school and exams :(.But now i have some time free and i can still uploading the skins. Here i got for you the Sauber c32, for people who didnt know what this car is is the sauber from 2013 from suplas 005. Remember to do...