1. B

    2022 British Endurance Championship PB Racing Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 1.1

  2. Connor Jutte

    #7 Praga R1 - FOS Shootout (4k) 1.0

    Praga R1 #7 livery that was seen at this years Goodwood FOS and made it to the shootout. This livery is also run in the Britcar Endurance Championship. Second skin that I'm attempting and quite proud of it. Not perfect overall but still learning on how to create these skins! Hope you enjoy!
  3. Isaac Chavira

    2021 Britcar Endurance E-Championship Number Panel 1

    Hello, I have created an Un-Official Britcar Number Panel for the e-Championship Race Series. I hope your or you painter can use it. I think this will add uniformity to all the cars and make it feel more real. I chose a green class stripe because electronic racing is clean and green =o)...
  4. Matthew Allington

    Top Gear BMW M4 GT4 1.1

    A livery based on Top Gear's memorable assault on the Britcar 24hr race back in the Clarkson/Hammond/May days :) The fixed numberplates in ACC somewhat hinders the door gag on one side and means that I can't put the number on the bonnet. On the subject of numberplates, I thought that it was...
  5. DonatDrifter

    Mercedes AMG GT3 Team ABBA Racing British GT 2019 + Britcar 2019 1.01

    Extract in your rFactor 2 installation folder. Includes Team ABBA Racing's British GT 2019 livery as well as their Britcar 2019 livery. Unfortunately, chrome green doesn't look so good, so any help would be appreciated. Made by Donat Prodan (me), feel free to use and take screenshots with them...
  6. Sektor224

    Physics Someone who can upgrade the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 racing car to the 2002 version.

  7. Raphael Zanardi

    Ultima GTR - Team MACG Racing / Britcar *