austin mini cooper s

  1. Doyzza

    TCL Mini Cooper S - 15 Skins from Australia 1.0

    This pack features the 1966 Bathurst 500 winner along with its green BMC teammates, a couple of Peter Manton's Neptune Racing Team cars, 3 cars that tackled the 1962 Bathurst 6 Hour Classic, and a bunch of other minis from some race meets in the 60s. I didn't find (look too hard...) any info on...
  2. Pasta2000

    Mini Cooper S - Fuji 24 Hours 1968 CAPITAL MINI #9 1.0 (final)

    CAPITAL MINI was the main Mini import business in Japan who also took their Mini's racing, in various events. Their most notable victory was at the 1968 Fuji 24 Hour race, where a CAPITAL MINI finished 2nd overall, 1st in the T-I class in the hands of Osamu Hayazaki and Yuzo Yamashita. This is...
  3. smurth

    Pessio Austin Mini Cooper windshield replacement 1.0.1

    Made the dirt more visible and improved reflections. Features new windshields for Pessio's 1275 and FIA App.K
  4. AC - Nordschleife 1967 - Austin/Morris Mini Cooper - AI race

    AC - Nordschleife 1967 - Austin/Morris Mini Cooper - AI race

    Fantastic combination of track and car. Enjoy!
  5. anejportir

    Hot Wheels-Austin Mini Cooper S 1.0

    Here is a skin for '64 Austin Mini Cooper S Fia App.K Spec based on Hot Wheels car Hot Wheels Morris Mini Cooper HW Off Road 80/250 2015 You will need this mod for this skin to work. Install the file into...