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  1. The Onboard Evolution Of IMOLA (1953-2023)

    The Onboard Evolution Of IMOLA (1953-2023)

    The onboard evolution of Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari!
  2. AATR

    Seretse Khama Circuit - Botswana 1.1

    Hi All, Another circuit I designed from scratch, located outside the capital of Botswana, characterized by the lack of pure straights, with two long parabolic curves followed by tight braking zones. It’s a stop-and-start track, with several overtaking opportunities, which keeps a flowy layout...
  3. vccampo

    Black RedBull Livery V1.0

    I made this Black and Red RedBull livery.
  4. B

    Add-on for RSS FH 2020 & RSS FH 2021 (SF21 quartet of ornate fins) 1.0

    READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOAD PLEASE - VERY IMPORTANT! YOU NEED CSP + 0.1.60 in order to get this working. - THIS CANNOT BE SEEN IN THE CM SHOWROOM - HOW TO INSTALL? DRAG THE FILES INTO THE LIVERY FOLDER (SF21 IN THIS CASE) Here you have guys, the famous quartet of ornate fins that Ferrari...
  5. J

    Lotus Exos 125 S1- Aston Martin 2021 Skin 0.1

    This is my first time making a skin so it's not perfect and there are some issues with the texture that cause some parts to be flipped that I can't un-flip. Please let me know of any changes that need to be made, or anything I missed (I think there are a few minor details, so I might need to...
  6. J

    Lotus Exos 125 S1- Aston Martin 2021 Skin

    Sorry! I posted this in the wrong forum by accident...
  7. A

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 Tire Texture Bug

    *Problem Solved, Thanks
  8. Poleani

    F1 2008 season mod 1.5

    This is assetto corsa career mod that allows you to drive one of the best f1 seasons of all time. All the tracks are included in txt file. You need Grand Prix 2008 mod to work HOW TO INSTALL You need to put "series_f1_2008_championship" folder to...
  9. swissarmyknifer

    AC accurate f1 car sounds?

    Hey fellow racing enthusiasts, was wondering if anyone has stumbled upon a really really good sound package for modern and older f1 ( mid 90's )? The RSS guys have done a great job but it still doesn't sound right. SF71 is accurate but it's almost the only one so far? I've been having a lot...
  10. ke5ke1en50

    AssettoCorsa : Select menu voice & Japanese F1 2018 sounds 1.0

    Please back up the default file. デフォルトのファイルをバックアップしといて下さい。
  11. Danilo-cs

    Top Speed - AC Series

    Olá! Gostaria de apresentar a minha série chamada Assetto Corsa Top Speed. No circuito de Daytona Speedway quero descobrir qual é o carro mais rápido de todos os tempos. Pretendo em breve disponibilizar legendas em inglês. Torço para que o pessoal goste :) - English: Hello! I would like to...