alexander albon

  1. Darth_Benobi

    Alphatauri McLaren 720s GT3 1.1

    Livery based on Alexander Albon's Ferarri 488 DTM. This is my first skin so feedback would be really appreciated. This livery will replace the #60 livery. To add this livery extract the zip file to the root of your Automobilista 2 install directory, and then copy the lines of code below and add...
  2. G

    RSS Formula Hybrid- Alex Albon Red Bull Skin 2019-08-12

    Red Bull Racing skin updated with Alexander Albon's number and helmet. This may be innacurate as it is my first upload. All credit goes to speedracer1893 for the original skins.
  3. A

    Alexander Albon Helmet - Red Bull Racing 2019-08-12

    This is my recolour of Albon's helmet to better match RBR. I just changed the Toro Rosso blue to a darker one and edited the shadows so that they weren't bright blue any more. When installing, you can leave the visor attachments and visor the same as Gasly's normal one. This just includes the...
  4. Joofcorner

    Alex Albon 2019 Toro Rosso Helmet 2.0

    My version of Alexander Albon's 2019 season helmet, made to replace the helmet of Pierre Gasly. Installation intructions can be found in the readme.txt when download the helmet.
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Alex Albon Secures Toro Rosso 2019 Seat

    Brendon Hartley's stay in Grand Prix racing is over, with Toro Rosso securing the services of 22-year-old Formula Two third place finisher Alexander Albon for 2019. Anglo-Thai driver Albon makes the third 2018 Formula Two driver to be promoted to Grand Prix racing next season, the young...