alex rins

  1. BIKER7202

    2023 Season Mod V1.2

    It's that time of year once again, the 2023 season mod is finally released. As usual I’ve tried to make it feel like an official product and I've tried to make it easy to work with so other mods can easily be made compatible with it. If you want to keep up to date with mod progress or be...
  2. 86ayayay

    Team Suzuki Ecstar 2022 1.0

    A nice temporary addition until the liveries and models got updated by Milestone Model ported from MotoGP21 & skins also ported from my mod on MotoGP21 Pitbox & Mechanics textures are excluded since it has different model and mapping this year UI menu images are also excluded How to Install ...
  3. 86ayayay

    Team Suzuki MotoGP 2022 1.0

    This mod is compatible with BIKER7202's 2022 Season Mod How to Install : Extract the compressed file you downloaded wherever you like Copy .pak file into your MotoGP 21 paks folder, ex : D:\Steam\steamapps\common\MotoGP™21\motogp21\Content\Paks Enjoy This mod includes: Team Suzuki MotoGP...
  4. 86ayayay

    Team Suzuki Ecstar 2020 1.0

    This is my version of Team Suzuki Ecstar 2020 Livery What's Inside: - Team Suzuki Ecstar 2020 Bike Liveries - Alex Rins & Joan Mir 2020 suit, gloves, boots, & helmet - Team Suzuki Ecstar 2020 Alpinestars & Dainese Custom Suit (my mod ver) - Added UI menu image for bike & custom rider pilot...
  5. xTiKzF1

    SUZUKI F1 TEAM 1.0

    Hi everyone! This mod is Suzuki MotoGP Team in F1 2017. The livery is for TORO ROSSO and in the future I will change the clothes and numbers and do more teams Also, I have: YAMAHA F1 TEAM DUCATI F1 TEAM TECH3 F1 TEAM REPSOL F1 TEAM OCTO PRAMAC F1 TEAM APRILIA F1 TEAM KTM RED BULL F1 TEAM MARC...
  6. novaleº

    SUZUKI 2018 (BETA) 1.0(BETA)

    Suzuki MotoGP Team 2018 for MotoGP17 This is a beta version, I'm working on this bike, I'll upload a more accurate update soon This mod contains: -Bike Suzuki MotoGP season 2018 -Andrea Ianone suit season 2018 -Alex Rins suit season 2018 -Box Suzuki MotoGP season 2018 -Suzuki mechanics...