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2 step

  1. mboyd5

    RB28DETT sound mod 1.0

    Finally decided to release it. Using the good ol faithful chesta to use the mod on. Read the youtube description for an optional download, installation info and how to use the sound mod.
  2. mboyd5

    2 step mod - Toyota Chesta with Ford V8 Turbo 1.1

    Now first things first, I have had nothing to do with making this 3d model as the rights to that belong to Mamiya Motors and Josh B. I just mucked around with various files in order to get this mod working the way I needed it to. Everything you need to know about the mod is written in the...
  3. mboyd5

    Sounds 2 step mod - Turbo'd Ford V8 powered Chesta!

    Reverse engineered a mates 2 step mod to work on other cars with my sound mod. Still a WIP but will be releasing soon just need to check with permissions with whoever made the 3d model.
  4. mboyd5

    2JZ VVTI with 2 step launch control - Sound mod 2.2

    Ok I think I posted the previous mod in the wrong section as this one seems to have uploaded fine. Big thankyou to Mike Goulioumis for making this mod in the first place and I look forward to collaborating with him in the future! **YOU NEED THE JAP PACK DLC IN ORDER TO USE THIS MOD!** This is...
  5. mboyd5

    2JZ VVTI with 2 step launch control - Sound mod 2.1

    I believe this is my first post to racedepartment so be gentle lol. I know there are a few 2jz sound mods out there but here is my version and how to use it: For some reason I can only upload the GUIDs file so you will have to follow the youtube link to download the sound mod or both the car...