Sachsenring v1.11

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Racing on this track is pure joy
Très bon mod , le circuit est vraiment splendide, merci pour votre travail et ce généreux partage
Wonderful work!! thank you for time and effort
Definitely the best Sachsenring available! :D
I am mindblown everytime... thank you! :)
Mint, thank you!
Sehr geil umgesetzt!
I love all the multi-radius, asynchronous turns! Nothing more boring than one constant radius turn after another. Ask Herr Tilke!
Amazing job, kudos. All these details and animated stuff, cars driving on the nearby roads, flock of birds, camera cranes, those realistic moving windmills, flags, tube guy, planes, choppers. Not forgetting the whole enviromment. It's a joy to drive and equally fun to just use free cam and discover all that's going on. Thanks for this beaty.
One thing (only visible in free cam though): that pond has too fast flowing water... ;-)
Great track, needs more than 5 stars.
Wonderful track, only a few kilometers away from where i live.
Was there for a driving safety training a few years ago.
Nice details next to the track, did recognize a lot.
Like it!
LMP Basher
One of the best tracks to be found here. And still being improved!
Many many thanks!!
Another super update. Many thanks for all your hard work making this wonderful track.
Amazing update, great work from you once more
Thank you for your superb work!
Thank you for sharing this gem! Have a wonderful Christmas!
Top work
What a fine version of Sachenring.
Super Gunnar, vielen Dank und frohes Fest!