Magny-Cours 2022

Magny-Cours 2022 1.5

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Welcome to Magny-Cours 2022 for AC!
Located in the city of Magny-Cours in France, this track is absolutely one of the best french circuits, it hosted the F1 French GP until the 2008 season and now it hosts Sportscar races, Motorcycle races and other categories.

Credits: Made from scratch by smucq and Thomas7 based on 2020, 2021 and 2022 onboards and races, and thanks for JBolho for the Ext Config

GP Layout Details:
4.411KM / 2.741 Miles
17 Turns
26 Grid Slots


Any feedback is welcome! This is one of my first AC mods so there is still some improvements that I'll do in the future

and no, this is not a Race07 ripoff


Latest updates

  1. MC22 Update v1.5 - 2022 Update

    - Reworked T1-2, T7-8 (Nurburgring chicane), T12-13 (Imola chicane) in order to make it more...
  2. MC21 Update v1.4

    - Improved groove - Fixed gravel color being too dark - Added pit exit lights - Added marshal...
  3. MC21 Update v1.3

    - Improved starting grid - New Pitwall - Added details into the pitlane - Improved T1 - Improved...

Latest reviews

keep crashing
ac crashs every time when initialize s pline
the track itself is good but the ai continue to drive off track into t1 and other places
The update seems nice, i left a comment on the Discussion tab because of the FX being broken due to material name changes, just needs some immersion updates like crowd and surrounding areas.
This is a really fun track to drive! I just finished a race here with the RSS Formula 2013 car and noticed some issues. AI cars are hitting the inside curb and flipping over at the Turn 5 Adelaide hairpin all the time. I also had trouble with race starts because the AI would cut the inside curb and crash into each other a lot. The track could use some CSP grass to help make it more pretty. I like the improvements you've done to this new version so far. Keep up the good work!
Sorry, this is nothing like IRL.
Good mod and nice extensive update. Please consider improving two things in the future. First trees and second adding crowd. Those two would greatly improve immersion. Thanks for this circuit
Very Great and promising mod. It is very accurate from what I can tell. some of the curbing is a little iffy but not to big of a problem, Still a great mod. Can't wait to see it improve more
Thank you!
Good night, thanks for the clue. I don't know if you noticed, but when you start a race, the AI collides with the wall on the right, right at the start. I await a Fix for this thx
Brilliant, was just doing a few hot laps on it and it looks and feels very well done indeed.
After 2laps i give you a feedback ! i know perfecly this track ! In first thx for trying to make a track it's not easy...

Well, i thinck the kerb are looking square, if you can try to round the kerbs !

2nd the first chicane after adelaide corner doesnt look real
entering and exiting the turn as well as clearances

Same for Imola chicane and last sector...
the drawing of turns after 180° corner are not good

And the track is really bumpy ! in reality the track is smooth and not bumpy

But anyway thancks for this, this is promising keep it up :)
A very good work! Tested with RSS Formula Hybrid, 5 laps race with AI 90%. All works good! Thanks.
great start mate!
thank you so much,now i can drive on the new version,version 1.0 was very cool,just small few things was missing,but it was cool,so thank you again.
Thanks Schmuck, but I found another version from an author who had AI on his track.
it does have AI, and it was updated and fixed on v1.2
for a 1.0 version this is really great and promising! considering there are just rip-offs available for AC and this is made from scratch and has modern (curbs etc.) it's by far the best version. looking forward to the updates, especially if bumps and the road texture is ironed out. :)
thanks for the feedback! I'm currently working on some stuff for v1.1
Enjoyed this very much, thanks very much.
Thanks alot my first try 1.39 ;)
One of the least accurate tracks ever created for any simulator and I'm not exaggerating.

NOTHING about this layout is accurate. The basic shape of every corner is completely incorrect. Nothing is where it should be. It's like it was sketched from memory. Check out my comparison in the support thread if you don't believe me.

Most of the track is 0.5m too narrow. The long back straight is 1.5m too narrow, plus the walls are way too close.

To add to all that it's also horribly bumpy and low-poly. Looks and drives like an earthquake hit it.

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