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Magny-Cours 2021

Magny-Cours 2021 1.2

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Trackmap RD.png

Welcome to Magny-Cours 2021 for AC!
Located in the city of Magny-Cours in France, this track is absolutely one of the best french circuits, it hosted the F1 French GP until the 2008 season and now it hosts Sportscar races, Motorcycle races and other categories.

Credits: Made from scratch by scmh and Thomas7 based on 2020 and 2021 onboards and races, and thanks for JBolho for the Ext Config

GP Layout Details:
4.411KM / 2.741 Miles
17 Turns
26 Grid Slots




Any feedback is welcome! This is one of my first AC mods so there is still some improvements that I'll do in the future

and no, this is not a Race07 ripoff

Latest updates

  1. MC21 Update v1.2

    - Fixed a bug where the tarmac in some parts had no collision - Fixed a bug where the AIs didn't...
  2. MC21 Update v1.1

    Changes: - Fixed trees not showing depending on which side you looked - Fixed pitwall not...

Latest reviews

A very good work! Tested with RSS Formula Hybrid, 5 laps race with AI 90%. All works good! Thanks.
great start mate!
thank you so much,now i can drive on the new version,version 1.0 was very cool,just small few things was missing,but it was cool,so thank you again.
Thanks Schmuck, but I found another version from an author who had AI on his track.
it does have AI, and it was updated and fixed on v1.2
for a 1.0 version this is really great and promising! considering there are just rip-offs available for AC and this is made from scratch and has modern (curbs etc.) it's by far the best version. looking forward to the updates, especially if bumps and the road texture is ironed out. :)
thanks for the feedback! I'm currently working on some stuff for v1.1
Enjoyed this very much, thanks very much.
Thanks alot my first try 1.39 ;)
One of the least accurate tracks ever created for any simulator and I'm not exaggerating.

NOTHING about this layout is accurate. The basic shape of every corner is completely incorrect. Nothing is where it should be. It's like it was sketched from memory. Check out my comparison in the support thread if you don't believe me.

Most of the track is 0.5m too narrow. The long back straight is 1.5m too narrow, plus the walls are way too close.

To add to all that it's also horribly bumpy and low-poly. Looks and drives like an earthquake hit it.
thank you.
thanks mate, is the circuit also equipped with TV cams? or will they be implemented in a further update?
it does have TV cams!
Amazing !
File size
136.5 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.25 star(s) 12 ratings

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