Imola Historic 94' FINAL

1994 Imola Skin track


    Final update.
    Bug fixe : non collidable wall in tamburello sector
    Overall lighting improved, sectors added, camera set added too
    Reworked a lot of textures, tweaked objects, placements
    Tarmac shader moddified.
    Trees are also improved.

    Thank's everyone to support ;) enjoy

    Credits to Rainmaker, Carrera4.
    Cameras : Leonardo RatafiĆ”
    Sector.ini :...
  2. Update v2.5

    Screenshot_vrc_2007_mclaren_mp4-22_imola1994_17-3-118-14-42-18.jpg Screenshot_vrc_2007_mclaren_mp4-22_imola1994_17-3-118-14-42-44.jpg Screenshot_vrc_2007_mclaren_mp4-22_imola1994_17-3-118-14-46-18.jpg Screenshot_vrc_2007_mclaren_mp4-22_imola1994_17-3-118-14-45-44.jpg Screenshot_vrc_2007_mclaren_mp4-22_imola1994_17-3-118-14-45-7.jpg Screenshot_vrc_2007_mclaren_mp4-22_imola1994_17-3-118-14-45-26.jpg Screenshot_vrc_2007_mclaren_mp4-22_imola1994_17-3-118-14-43-19.jpg

    Hi all, i have added green wall in one sector of track, reworked some ads textures for better quality, normal map are also changed for a lot of objects + objects placements tweaked !
    enjoy :)
  3. Update v2.2

    - Buildings : removed somes buildings and replaced with generics buildins to correct textures clipping.

    - Advertising adboards : Reworked texture ( Q8 Oils ), add Renault laguna, Credit romagnalo, Hydropress and Scrigno boards and tweaked placement for a lot of adboards.

    - Marshalls, Cameraman : added some objects around track.
    Screenshot_1994_williams_fw16_imola1994_10-3-118-11-37-31.jpg Screenshot_1994_williams_fw16_imola1994_10-3-118-11-38-2.jpg Screenshot_1994_williams_fw16_imola1994_10-3-118-11-38-48.jpg Screenshot_1994_williams_fw16_imola1994_10-3-118-11-41-38.jpg Screenshot_1994_williams_fw16_imola1994_10-3-118-11-43-57.jpg
  4. v2.0

    Hi all,
    this update provide all in one .kn5 file, ( main track .kn5, and road .kn5 and wall .kn5 ) i have optimized at maximum the file, and it's less demanding on ressource.
    Some objects lod's are also optimized, new adverts, news objects and at usual tweaked and added news objects and textures.
    Unfortunaly, and without help, i am unable to modify and add best road main texture, dynamic groove, skids mark...etc...maybe in the future... enjoy the track :) Screenshot_1993_sauber_c12_imola1994_16-2-118-7-28-38.jpg ...
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  5. 94' Skin Layout v1.9 update

    Hello all !
    one more cosmetic update :p
    - totally changed the textures of the trees by just one !
    - added trees around tracks, and generic buildings
    - tweaked somes textures and added missing adboards :thumbsup:
    Screenshot_1993_benetton_b193_imola1994_12-2-118-19-53-58.jpg Screenshot_asr_1995_ferrari_412t2_imola1994_12-2-118-18-28-25.jpg
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  6. Track 1.8.1 include berco logo fix

    berco logo fix added :)
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  7. berco logo fix

    Just small fix for berco logo, unzip the file and put skins folder in main track folder
  8. Final 94' Skin Layout and update v1.8

    this is my last update, i done my best for this skin. enjoy.
    added somes textures adverts on the wall to match real layout.
    Changed grass texture, more colorfull.
    Change fences texture.
    Tweaked somes textures. Better quality.
    And some adjustements on objects and adverts placements.
    Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_7-2-118-22-40-2.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_7-2-118-22-40-32.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_7-2-118-22-41-19.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_7-2-118-22-42-3.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_7-2-118-22-43-31.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_7-2-118-22-44-36.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_7-2-118-22-45-20.jpg ...
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  9. update 1.5

    I make severals tweaks on texturing, adboards banners placements
    Added tarmac textures outside at tamburello and tosa curves
    Added Marshall Station
    Reworked the magneti marelli bridge at rivazza curve to match with the real one
    and some trees textures changed.
    Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_5-2-118-6-55-45.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_5-2-118-6-58-50.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_5-2-118-7-5-39.jpg


    1. Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_5-2-118-7-7-28.jpg
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  10. Final 94' Skin Layout

    - added yellow big cranes all around circuit
    - added mercatone uno, lete, segafredo, ford mondeo sponsors
    - reworked Parmiggiano, Cuore Sportivo textures... much better quality
    - custom sponsors placement to match real layout
    - replaced metal barriers by wall texture all around circuit too. more accurate
    Screenshot_1993_benetton_b193_imola1994_30-1-118-5-53-42.jpg Screenshot_1993_benetton_b193_imola1994_30-1-118-5-56-15.jpg Screenshot_1993_benetton_b193_imola1994_30-1-118-5-49-51.jpg Screenshot_1993_benetton_b193_imola1994_30-1-118-5-53-3.jpg Screenshot_1993_benetton_b193_imola1994_30-1-118-5-47-14.jpg Screenshot_1993_benetton_b193_imola1994_30-1-118-5-52-12.jpg ...
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  11. Update and minors fixes

    added Parmigiano banner, cuore sportivo, pioneer and minors adjustments on some textures and adboards Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_25-1-118-20-41-10.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_25-1-118-20-40-0.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_25-1-118-20-37-53.jpg Screenshot_1993_williams_fw15_imola1994_25-1-118-20-39-10.jpg