1994-2018 Bathurst Billboards 1.4

Billboards 1994-2018

  1. 1994-2018 Bathurst Billboards

    New Update
    Added : Tooheys 1000 (1994)
    01.jpg 07.jpg 005.jpg 09.jpg 03.jpg 06.jpg

  2. 2003 Bob Jane T-Marts V8

    New Update 02/11/2018 :cool:

    Added : Bob Jane V8 Supercars 2003
    - Minor fix and change some textures for the previous skins. prev (12).jpg prev (11).jpg prev (1).jpg prev (8).jpg prev (7).jpg prev (9).jpg prev (13).jpg prev (14).jpg prev (10).jpg
  3. 2018 Bathurst Liqui Moly 12H & Supercheap Auto 1000

    Not the final version, but i have shared my work with you. :thumbsup:

    Update : v1.01

    - Added 2018 Supercars V8 billboards for the race fans.
    - Added a few extra things around the track.
    - New possibilities for users of Content Manager.
    - Some colors are better for the night and wet version.
    - Other little things here and there. (ex. more fps and visuals)

    prev0.jpg prev1.jpg prev10.jpg prev16.jpg ...
  4. Fix for the new version of this track (v.0.9.1)

    Better textures and more billboards for your pleasure. :roflmao:
    prev4.jpg prev3.jpg prev2.jpg prev1.jpg prev5.jpg prev6.jpg prev7.jpg Enjoy :thumbsup:
  5. Flags and minor cosmetic tweaks

    update1.png update2.png Continue working on the final version ... :coffee::cool:
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