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Your thoughts on Z1 Dashboard. Alternatives?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Greg Latty, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Currently Im using dashmeterpro for my wheel mounted display and I love it. I have an extra monitor laying around and i figured why not use it as an extra display. Ive been looking around and it seems my only option is z1 dashboard. Ive tried the demo and it works as advertised, but before i bite the bullet and purchase it I wanted to see if there were other alternatives. I got a little nervous when i saw that after you purchase Z1 theres an optional monthly charge for updates. If I dont get this will i be stuck with an old version in a few months? Any one with experience with this program or any others?
  2. I'v heard Ihud is good if you want to use a mobile device. I'm still a huge newbe, but one of my buddies use it on his rig. (newbe= I haven't even got a wheel yet)
  3. I just use my phone now with HUD Dash, so I don't know other products. However, it looks like Sim Monitor is one alternative.
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  4. I use both Z1 and HUD on mobile device, but the Z1 is better because It has plenty of functionability
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  5. Z1 currently doesn't support Wi-Fi connection so it's useless to me. I'm not installing other monitor (my computer is far 8 meters from my seat and racing wheel). If it was possible to use a second PC for telemetry I'd buy. I'm using DashMeterPro (Sensa Digit) in a 7" tablet, but I'm not totally satisfied nevertheless because it's a very limited software regarding to personalization. The colour are fixed on the dashes, for example, the tyres indicator never change their colours when you're heating the rubber and is extremely difficult to read numbers whilst you're racing.
  6. Like you Greg, I've been comparing the z1 to other solutions, which mainly have been Android and iOS apps. I've not bought the Z1 yet, because I'm starting to wonder if I really need it, or if it's just another gadget.
    Anyway, here's a couple of my thoughts on why the Z1 is the best choice for me:
    - It supports most games, all other apps I've tried lack support for one or more of my games.
    - You can bind buttons on your wheel or box to control it, I've found this to be a huge factor.
    - Flexible and can actually be useful if for instance you need to have fuel usage calculated just before entering pits.
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  7. How much the update?
  8. I'm interes but before i would like know how much after pay 24.99$
  9. It´s good if you have a second monitor you can hook up. I tried Idisplay but way to much lag.
    I have only briefly tried the server version and another computer. Seem to be some bugs with that still.

    Dashmeter Pro no longer work with rFactor 2 for me so and I can hardly get it running with my other sims either it has gone south for some reason. I do have a busy wifi over here which don´t work but I used to be able to use usb tethering.

    But when use on a secondary monitor the only thing I have is that the gear flashing for some reason isn´t as effective as on dashmeter pro or real leds of course.