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Your help is needed

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Jonas Lex, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. As you may have seen there have been some additions lately with the goal for followers and especially drivers to enjoy the league even more than they already do, things like Youtube vids or the live stream for example.
    For me it is not a problem to keep those things running but I can tell that I will be way busier from now on so that it will not be possible for me to do any additional tasks.

    Im quite sure because of the athmosphere in here that everyone really likes this league so I think the chances are not too bad that there's someone who is ready to do one of the jobs.
    In any way and everyone can be sure that his help is much appreciated!

    Noone especially not me is expecting a perfect job at all these tasks, its all about figuering out how to do a task without much effort and then if you feel comfortable maybe try to become better at it. One thing I would like to ask you however is to do the job responsibly should you volunteer for one of the tasks.
    That means try to do the job for every race and should you be unable to do it for a race which can happen of course, just leave me a short message or post it in this thread so that I or someone else maybe can help out.

    In this thread everyone can volunteer for a job, listed or not listed in the first post, and also share his thoughts about additions which might help the league.
    Open tasks will always stay updated.

    List of open tasks:

    Writing an article before every race (~ 30 min)
    This is important because an article maybe about 2 days before a race is necessary to advertise a live stream so that the stream gets enough attention. Such an article could (but doesnt have to) look like this and it's only necessary to follow the rough format of this article.
    Articles always can easily be submitted over here.

    Being commentator (~30 min before a race and the race itsself)
    Very important because at the moment Xosé Estrada is doing the job, he's doing a good job at it but doesnt know much about the league which makes it even harder so this cant be a long-term solution.
    There's no special technical knowledge required for this job and Xose or someone else will tell you how to set up everything.

    Setting up the broadcast for all races (~1 hour before the race)
    This is something Xosé is doing for our league as well at the moment and also shouldnt be a long term solution.
    No special technical knowledge is required and Xosé or someone else will tell you exactly how to setup a stream and what kind of software is necessary.
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  2. There is a new situation now about the commentator position
    Xosé decided because of understandable reasons that he will not continue the job as a commentator which means that we need a new commentator who is willing to find out a bit about the league.
    Pretty much everything is prepared for a possible broadcast, as soon as we have a commentator, we can start broadcasting the races again.
    I myself would help the commentator as good as I can, give him all the information and material he wants for the broadcast and would be available if there are any questions or problems.
    Sonthing that is needless to say is that noone in this league expects a prefect job!
    Every bit of help is highly appreciated by everyone here, if hes a professional or has never done something like this doesnt matter!

    Im wondering, does maybe any of the league members know of a person he could ask who could do that job, I think I can remember that Kennett had someone who recorded pit radio dialogues a while ago, is he maybe an option Kennett?
    If someone reads this post and is interested, he can just make a post in this thread or write a PM to me.
  3. I'll ask Lee K if he is interested. EDIT: Lol, just remembered, Lee is from Australia.. I don't think he is willing to get up in the wee hours and start broadcasting...
  4. I would actually have no problem donating 5 USD for each race for a commentator.
    I know this is something that is not for everyone to do - but if a couple more could do the same it might be something to entice someone to do it.

    After all it is about an hour and a half taken away from someones life for little gain.
    Unless of course they strongly desire to do it.

    If we get a commentator I could happily write the text for race Jonas.

    Just as a suggestion
  5. I like your generosity, but I like to keep PrestoGP completely free of cost, iow on a voulenteer basis (like with Daniel doing the weather, or all other work being sone free of charge).

    Although there is no "pressure" in your suggestion, I am afraid we have too many nice guys here who probably would chip in to do the right thing.

    However, if you do this "behind my back" I don't mind, if you get my point. But I do not want any "official" money collection.

    Do I make sense or just sound like a crazy person?:whistling:
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  6. You make perfect sense Nico :)

    Keeping this league "free" appeals to me more than what I suggested.
    Kinda thought about it after I had written it and had more arguments against it as time passed.

    Maybe this could rather be approached in a different way.
    There are without a doubt many people out there that could see this as a way to promote themselves.
    E.g. a student aiming for a career in TV or radio.

    But we'll see, maybe Kennetts friend comes through.
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  7. As I understand it we have someone to do the technical stuff, so all we are missing is 2 persons that think it would be fun to commentate our races :) What we can promis in return is all the help they want (in terms of information) and loads of gratitude and an extra star with the "man upstairs" :)
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  8. He's from Australia, it takes more than considerable incentive to make a semi-professional wake up.... :coffee: So that's out of question, won't even bother asking.

    I did my personal curriculum today so i know a lot more of the immediate future, i skipped the first year all together but... I will try to cram as much as possible to my schedule this fall, i got some basic courses that i need to do on my own time or show that i know the subject.. But since some if that stuff is exactly web/print department and i need to familiarize with new hard/software in video department (Premiere, After Effects etc.) i can do race reviews and promos, offline stuff.. Online i'm afraid i can't help, i need to have a clean timetable during races, i could joggle it in GT/WTCC series, managing online stuff etc but these require very stable routine and i can handle less intrusions.

    A lot of my plans here was made during the summer break when i wasn't yet enrolled, i got the spot less than a month ago.. So i can't help as much as i previously have promised, real life just have to first.. But i'll still refuse to do any extra schoolwork during race days!!
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