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Your Favouite Corner

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Tadhg MacConeely, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Or maybe Turn 6...or T3?

    With the advent of F1 2011, corners are grippy & personal setups for laptimes are even more en-vogue.
    Get that special turn wrong & you're in the wall, a passenger in an accident waiting to happen.
    Get it right & you nailed a personal best, a pole, a win maybe?
    Tell RaceDepartment & the community about your favourite 2011 corners, or sequences of corners, & tell us why. Hell! Add a screenie or vid if the mood takes ya!

    My personal favourite at the time of writing? [weirdly] Singapore T18 [under the bridge] & the full downforce throttle escape cutting T19. Tippie-toes & power balanced in combination.
    Get it wrong - game over, but so good to nail it lap after lap.

    So, lets hear the passion:
  2. Suzuka, last chicane
    Hungraroring, T4
    Spa, T10 (unfortunately a lot easier than in F1 2010), T12-T14
    Singapore, T10-13 (one of the most critical section of this track, very easy to spin here or hit the wall)
    Monza, Variante Ascari (lots of time if you make it properly)
    Abu Dhabi, T20 (a hate this track, but this corner is very tricky, very sensitive to car setup. i think this particular corner make most contribution into actual setup)
  3. - Chicane on Montreal, maybe because I'm Canadian ^_^
    - Monza Ascari mainly because I can nail that corner nearly every time now.
    - Turn 2-5 on Monaco because it feels so rewarding to get perfectly.
    - The Singapore Sling (turn 10/11)
  4. Suzuka T3. First of the eases and if you screw that one, you screw rest of them. And is detrimental to your lap time.
  5. sector 2 of the new India Circuit, its really fun to drive. And the schumacher S in Nunburgring, actually the entire sector 2 in Nurburgring is really nice too
  6. I second sector 2 of India, so fast and fun

    Also Singapore, turn 10 to the end of the lap.

    A few others:
    Valencia 8-10 + 18-25
    Monaco sector 3 and portier of course, so hard to get right but so rewarding when you do. also brutal if you go wide in any of these turns.
    Catalunya turn 5, because it took me SO FRIGGIN LONG to get right, and the chicane is a lot of fun in 2011
    and who doesn't like a good eau rouge, blanchimont, or 130r

    also maggotts/becketts/chapel
  7. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Gotta be turn 8 at Turkey for me.. so much harder in 2011 than 2010 and it makes it even better. Such a rush to get though there flat but the slightest mistake and you can be in the wall on the inside.

    Also really enjoy Turn 7 / 8 at Catalunya.. such a blast to get that completely right.

    Turns 11/12 at Melbourne is also a great double.. so cool to get it 100% right through there.

    There are bound to be others that I'll think of over the coming days but those three will do for starters.
  8. Anywhere at Monaco,
    Eau Rouge at Spa,
    The Turn 9/Turn 10 kink at the Nurburgring,
    Turn 6 at Hungaoring.

    I'm only at Spa so far so I'll be adding a few more soon!
  9. Silverstone: Copse to end of lap
    Spa: Eau rouge, Raddion to phoun
    India: Sector 2
    Sazuka: Degna 1 to 130r
    Italy: WHOLE TRACK
    Turkey: WHOLE TRACK
  10. Amen! Love that sequence, it feels really nice to get right ;)

    Suzuka: S-Curves
    Monaco: From Tabac through Piscine (the feeling of speed is awesome, because it's so tight)
    Valencia: In sector 3, where you go flat through the double right-hander (yes, really :D)
    Abu Dhabi: First sector, going flat is not as easy as 130r or Eau Rogue and feels really nice when you get it right.
    Singapore: Pretty much the whole last sector, love to get the throttle and gearing right here, corners seem to flow together really nice ;)

    I kinda miss Hockenheim though, the last part (with the narrow track) is really nice too ;)
  11. Monaco: Flat out from Tabac to Piscine.
    Sāo Paulo: Taking turn 7 flat out.
    Turns 5 and 6 in Kuala Lumpur and turns 7 and 8 in Shanghai.
    Korea: Turn 17. Only memorable part of the track.
    Silverstone: Copse, Maggots, Becketts, and Chapel.
    Gilles Villeneuve: Wall of Champions chicane.
  12. Hollywood & Vine :D
  13. Istanbul - love turn 8 (guna miss this track when the next game comes out:frown:)
    Spa - Eau Rouge
    Silverstone - Maggots, Becketts, Chapel
  14. China, Turn 1 - it's just good fun

    Turkey, Turn 3
    Singapore, Turn 5
    Brazil, Turn 1
    - they're all variations of the same challenge

    Abu Dhabi, Turn 16 - my favourite high speed kink, since you gotta break hard right after it
  15. Fairmont Hairpin at Monaco.
  16. I love :

    -Turn 10 at Hungary
    -Turn 5 at Melbourne
    -Turn 6 at Montreal

    I hate:

    -Eu Rouge
    -All of Silverstone
  17. Pouhon-Spa
    The esses and 130r-Suzuka
  18. I know its quite old now but I like Quincy.

    EDIT - Oh - sorry, I thought you said favourite coroner :D
  19. James Chant

    James Chant

  20. Beckets.

    The whole of Suzuka...spoon, 130r, degner 1, the esses. It' just awesome.

    Turn 1 at Interlagos, and the whole of sector 2 at Interlagos as well