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You Personal Cars Point of View

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Andrea Picchi, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. hi all,
    I want ask to all of you a point of view over the wtcc 2006 cars in the game.

    I'm writing a guide for our users and we have a chapter for the cars details.
    Personally I always drove the same car so I don't know all the other cars in the game.

    Write your personal point of you on all the cars you know.

    Something like that:

    Alfa 156
    + Hight straight line speed
    + .. .. ...
    - Oversteer under positive throttle
    - .. .. ...

    Thanks in advance to everyone!
    PS: I'll mention the RPM Forum in the guide's credit for sure !!!
  2. I'm not in Game long but comparing to other cars i think Seat Leon is:

    +Stable at Corners
    +Easy to drive for begginers
    -Worse acceleration(???)
    -Engine sound :]
  3. My (very basic) personal experiences of the best cars in RACE:

    SEAT Leon
    + probably best car for beginners
    + very forgiving
    + best all-rounder
    - not as fast as BMW or Alfa

    BMW 320si E90
    + potentially the fastest car in the game
    - hard to master
    - very unforgiving (punishes errors)

    Alfa Romeo 156
    + close to BMWs speed
    + more forgiving than BMW
    - inconsistent handling (easier to spin than Leon)
  4. also the others:

    Chevrolet Lacetti
    + good allrounder (similar to Leon)
    - not as fast as Leon

    Honda Accord Euro R
    + speed similar to Alfa
    + handling similar to Leon
    - durabililty not great in longer races

    Peugeot 407
    + decent handling
    - feels heavy and unresponsive
    - slowest car of all

    SEAT Toledo/Alfa 156 GTA/BMW 320i E46
    + similar to their newer versions
    - seem to lack a little in every area
    - (Toledo only) feels unresponsive
    - (E46 only) hard to master, unforgiving
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Well said Mike, nothing to add to it
  6. thanks guys....

    I'll mention all of you!
  7. i have something to add:

    SEAT Toledo
    - slowest car in the game
  8. Nice saying mjs-team UK #77 :)
  9. eheheh ...
    nobody drive a toledo online... eheheheh
  10. Tobias Röhner

    Tobias Röhner
    Germany's greatest Indycar Fan. Premium

    i was driving the toledo for a long time, and i was often faster, than in alfa^^^actually its not that bad to handle
  11. toledo got no speed but handling
  12. I have something to add:


    You missed out all your fullstops Mike. :p
  13. happy to help!
    my notes are rather basic, I can't really comment on understeer/oversteer etc, being a keyboard-driver, I just try and keep it on the road! :-#

    I agree, although I dislike the 407 most. I remeber using it on a server race at Brands and I was miles behind =;
  14. who drove those alfa... a blind man?!?

    eheheh... just kidding mate!
    nothing personal!

    thanks for your feedback!
  15. My opinion about Honda:
    + top speed same as Alfa, highest among the cars
    + overall stability one of the best
    + very well setup-able (how to write it in english....?) for any driving style

    - bit heavier then the fastest car in the game the Alfa, overall laptimes will be a bit behind
  16. thanks Neo!

    any others opinions?
  17. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Although i do not drive it in the tournament (wish i did to have an excuse) i liked the 407 very very much. In my opinion it has the best handling of all the cars (and the best sound). It steers so amazingly presize because it is heavier then the other cars. That is also the reason that it is slower compared to the others.
    For a tournament the best pick seems to be the Seat Leon. Easy handling, very forgiving car.
    On monza and istanbul the alfa's are the best cars to race with.
  18. 100% agree!
  19. Alfa 156
    +Stable after setup changes, good acceleration and top speed. Great in race distance.
    -always feels little soft and perhaps little too loose.

    +Feels firm and connected to the road and therefore nice to drive. Good acceleration and speed. Great in Qualifying. Perhaps faster than Alfa in Qualifying lap.
    - Difficult to maintain good constant race lap times when compared to the Alfa.

    + Fastest starter by far/Great acceleration. Great in race distance if the driver is experienced with it. Only RWD in the group
    - Driver of the BMW can make time consuming mistakes because back end spins out easily. You need carefull throtle control with BMW or it will bite you ass off.

    + Best choice for the newcomer because default setup is the best of the group.. Perhaps not the fastest in absolut speed but it can almost match the race speed of the fastest cars in race because its firm, stable and logical handling.

    +Easy to turn. Blue colour
    -bad acceleration and speed partly because it need need lots of downforce to keep it stable. It feels loose and missing a grip..feels like driving in ice.
    Bad visibility from cockpit if you want to see dashboard.

    + Reasonable handling.
    -Feels too much like FWD
  20. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    Seat Leon

    + Stable and Forgiving in corners

    +/- Acceleration
    +/- Top Speed

    - Stability causes the car to be less Agile then I would like.

    Overall this is a car that suites me well.