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Yellow Flags, Safety Cars, ALMS

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Nox, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Nox

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    Hi all,

    This year was the first year I watched ALMS. I enjoyed parts of it, but I'm constantly frustrated at how long it takes to get racing going again after an incident.

    Every time a leaf falls onto the track there's a full course caution. It breaks up the racing, takes at least ten minutes to sort everything, then they get a wave through, then the pits open, then there has to be a class leader behind the pace car.

    Maybe I'm being too picky, but it really destroys the series for me, making me wonder whether I'll bother with the new United Sports Car Championship next year. Is there a reason they can't just yellow flag the corner where the incident is, or the sector? Am I missing something?

    This isn't a rant thread, I'm just expressing my opinion of it as a new viewer this season and wondering what everyone else, especially long term fans, think of this?

    Edit: Nah, I will watch it next year too, but you get my point :)
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  2. Americans love the full course yellow you know. I think it's planned ahead, for commercials, and for Average Joe to hop out of the sofa and get a Budweiser in the fridge. But maybe i'm just cynical :)
  3. emeliafaith

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I have read the bullet points and i completely agree with you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your article shows tells me you must have a lot of background in this topic.
  4. Bram

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    Your reply tells me you are a spambot :)
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  5. Shawdad

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    Actually you couldn't be more wrong! :mad: But then again I'm not average and my name isn't Joe and I prefer Whiskey so I'm probably not who you were referring to. :D Seriously though, I hope that is one of the things that changes with the new Tudor series. I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic...
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  6. Well, can't help but take a stab at the yanks now and then. I mean, a nation that brings me reality tv with the Kardashian family on prime time, deserves a jolly one for good measure :)

    And whiskey is always part of my yearly Le Mans tradition. The gentlemens race deserves a good single malt.

    On the subject, saw the new ideas debated on a slot on Motors TV but couldn't grasp if anything at all is formalized yet and if you can read about it somewhere?