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Yamaha M1 2016 Texures Pack By Jonix 1.0

1:1 replica of the actual bike

  1. Jonix submitted a new resource:

    Yamaha M1 2016 Texures Pack By Jonix - 1:1 replica of the actual bike

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  2. rkh


    and here she is with Michelin tyres :ninja:

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  3. Hi, I would like to ask you something. i'm a big fan of motorcycle simulator games,, and my biggest problem is making mods, could you please tell me how get a glossie Bike instead of a matt Bike? how you do that??? (sorry for my bad english) THX in Advance :)
  4. You have to change textures that ends wit _L
    Like yamaha is 512.dds (main texture)
    You have to edit 512_L.dds which is a gree/yellow color scale texture. Just test a bit you will find a good compromise.

  5. I think you don't understand me... i have the problem that my bike models don't have reflections after modding...

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  6. If you changed only the texture file than you should not have this problem. Did it have reflections before modding the texture?
  7. Yes it had reflections...