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Yamaha Fictional team 2013-09-18

yamaha fictional skin

  1. Thimoty Decrans submitted a new resource:

    Yamaha Fictional team - yamaha fictional skin

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  2. khairin

    @ Simberia @Simberia

  3. Love it :)
  4. Really awesome...great work and it fits very well(yea i have this game now for Pc and such a masterpiece is the reason):inlove:
    Thank you for this:notworthy:
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  5. Absolutely stunning. The only error I can spot is that the player bike has Lorenzo's number and logo on it.

    But top work once more, @Thimoty Decrans!
  6. yes, unavoidable...as the Lorenzo's bike is the same texture used for the Custom player bike, id rather had it the other way to use rossi's as the player bike.
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  7. tweak the skin to your taste ;)

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  8. damn just noticed a litlle error again on your screen...think im gonna update this livery..

  9. lol it must be a small error (i cant see 1) your skins look pretty much perfect to me
  10. just a side to the windscreen you see the yamaha of the spec file...i forgot to make it white in the skin ...
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