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XPacks Discussion

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Brendon Pywell, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. If anyone has it, upload it and i'll add it to the community collection: http://cream.galleria.fi/BTB/XPacks
  2. Presumably he means DRS sign, but what's a DRS?

    I've just uploaded some of the moderately sized XPacks I have:
    Chainlink fence s-object (3d poles):

    Low-poly parked cars:

    Low-poly plain trucks:

    Speakers for spectators:

    Those are my own xpacks, I've also uploaded Rulers by Ennis. They're not as fancy as CK-tools but they're still useful:
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  3. New XPacks added to communtiy collection. I should upload some of my own too.
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  4. Thank you R Soul!
    And thank you too for your track joining tutorial a while back, Im still referring back to it!
    I'd really like to see one similar for Xpacks using SU6 that breaks down each & every step just like your track joining tut' did....
    Unfortunately the one that I have seen has no sound, the cursor moves to quick & I keep getting lost along the way.
  5. hi kennet I have one or two xpacks of my own can you give me a link to upload them and they can be shared with the community
  6. you can go to www.mediafire.com I don't think you need to register you can just upload the files and it makes it easy to copy the link code and the interface is easy to use
  7. thanks for that here is the link http://www.mediafire.com/?o9e3p6lrk5nacf8 I have a few more I can upload...please feel free to share if you like them
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  8. What browser are you using? The fileserver uses very simple HTML index, it should work on every piece of equipment/browser available, even mobiles.
  9. Hi every.

    Maybe this is the first Xack with animated plug and play object for Rfactor... ready to work, you only have to place it and do not rotate.

    Animated Windmill Xpack:


    ehrlec help me to give the motion... I don't kown anything about animated objects inside Rfactor, so ehrlec fit the model, add one more mesh and the commands inside Xpack to set animation along "X"edje

    You can do what you want with that stuff, modify, copy, post in other places.... you are free to make any change on model or textures, we made it using Blender software, and here is the link for the blender, DDS and 3ds files.

    DDS, 3ds and Blender files:


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  10. Thank you liquido!
    I've got no where for them to go just yet but they're very nice & Im sure I'll find somewhere to place them! ;)
  11. Works again on my PC. Seems like it has been a temporary server-problem.
  12. Thanks for those added Xpacks guys. :)
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  13. You excuse I don't succeed to scaricare"more xpacks and more xpacks road" from cream.gallery. How can you/he/she be done there is an alternative link? Thanks
  14. This is something i can't understand.. My storage uses the most basic system that has been the in the web standards from the year 1991 (it's a basic FTP server with HTML frontend, both are the basic cornerstones of web, you can't get more simple than that..)... They are just links like you see everywhere in their most simplest form, something that should work in every device that connects to internet...

    EDIT: I just tested the links with Opera, Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox: 100% in all of them. I can even download them using my non-smartphone...

    EDIT2: Works with iPhone, Mac and all the smartphones my friends have... I would say that it's not my error...