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XPacks Discussion

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Brendon Pywell, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Use the XPacker utility to create your own XPacks. Personally i use SU6 and collada format (DAE) but there is 3ds format available for import too. Don't know which one is best but the end product is BTB's own format (uses XML), XOacks are ZIP archives.. Open one and study it's structure...

    I noticed that there is no tutorial in http://simtrackipedia.wikidot.com/bob-s-track-builder for XPacker.. Also someone should make the simtrackpedia appear in Google, awful seo atm..
  2. Thankyou very much for your reply. I was more looking for advice on what settings to use, what to put where, what to check/uncheck and stuff like that. :)
  3. Like i said in the thread elsewhere, you need to state more clearly what you need.. It's very hard to answer a generic question: "how do you use XPacker?" as that would mean everything about it. I didn't get any help either at first until i knew what were the questions.. So start from the beginning.

    In another note, i left feedback to simtrackpedia, it needs some maintenance..
  4. Actually, Simtrackipedia was started so it's members could interact with the content, creating and editing where it's needed so information is always being updated. That's why I created it.
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  5. Yep that's the basic concept of wiki, i've contributed and continue to do so.. It still needs maintenance, member don't have admin priviledges. Nothing huge, just to make it appear on search engines. It could be possible that it's an ancient wiki engine that has poor SEO but i doubt it.
  6. I need someone to check 4 trafficsigns, correct the doubleface that i cannot get rid of in Sketchup, then XPack it... It's a fast job, prolly takes about 2 minutes per object. The problem is that since trafficsigns are very thin (mine is 2cm..), the backside is shown thru in some distances causing flicker. So i've narrowed the problem down to the inside faces been shown, SimBins version of gMotor2 has about 5-10cm threshold in +50m range between two parallel surfaces before things start to flicker.. The signs won't flicker when i increase the width to 7cm but who has ever seen 7cm thick trafficsigns?

    Preferably the signs should be edited so that that back side is deleted and the frontside is doublesided faces with different textures. Textures are already assigned correctly, i just need someone with a real 3D editor to do it for me. They are for Alpine Hills 2.0 so it's "creditware"..
  7. I remember also setting Normals as "Up" helped me with flickering on thin objects.
    You can send them to me and I can check them in 3ds Max (PM me).
  8. Hi guys. I'm new to track building and I'm just wondering how to create xpacks. I want my track to have some white tyre walls, and some green ones, but I don't know how to make them green.
  9. There are some colored tirewalls available at the downloadsection, already.
    If you want to do someone by yourself, there are several ways to do so.
    One is to build the object with google sketchup, texture and export it.
    After that, you can make a new xPack with the BTB xpacker, import it and set some default settings.
    Please take also a look at the lot of threads about the same context. Good luck! :)
  10. Thanks
  11. hey martinez, could you please reupload those packages? that would be really nice if you could invest that lil time for us... cause as RD updated their site, the whole downloadsection went offline....... thanks in advance!
  12. My online XPack collection: http://Cream.Galleria.fi/BTB/XPacks

    Please tell me if there something faulty.. You can also request XPacks, i don't have them all but i'll add to that collection gradually. The storage is paid for another year so it can serve as a default XPack loading location.. Sorry about the interface, it's oldschool.. At least it's fast. There is about 10 gigs reserved for this purpose, i hope it's enough. It also support direct links so you can use those freely everywhere, there are no limitations on that account.

    The Default XPack has CK-Tools and working startlights included, i suggest everyone to install that. I'll include all XPacks that people are able to upload and post in this thread.
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  13. Omg the Ennis_Objects_01 is just stupidly fantastic! Got me really fired up....and now work to get in the way :p
  14. love you guys :) thanks buddies!
  15. Hey, not too fast ;)
    You welcome :)
  16. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    Question: I had to reinstall BTB. I had backed up old xpacks and projects. Now BTB has no problems to find and open those projects.
    The xpacker program on the other side, can not find any xpack i have made. How can i get the xpack list back into my xpacker program.
  17. XPacker uses BTB\XPacker\XPacks. You need to unpack all XPacks that you wish to edit with XPacker to that location
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  18. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    Thanks, will try that.
  19. Hello guys!

    I saw in the downloads a good xpack, but now i can't find them. I remember, the xpack has a DRS sing, because i need it!