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xpacks and textures

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by woochoo, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. hello everyone,
    i've made an xpack of 9 different types of power poles, re-using the same textures as much as possible, think a total of five. when i look in the track folder in Locations i see the textures appearing multiple times with a number.

    so if i have 3 poles with the same post texture i get:
    post.dds, post1.dds, post2.dds etc

    i think this stems from the xpack import procedure, it appears the same way in btb, so i was wondering if there is a way to assign the same material/dds to each pole as you do in 3dmax, rather than having the xpack automatically create a new material/dds per power pole?

  2. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    Materials can be edited, and you can use the Pick button to select the same texture for each material.

    But ideally, if each pole is using the same material properties then it is best to use just the one and remove the extra ones. You will have to do this manually by editing the XML ... that's not as hard as some might think.

    1. Close XPacker and make a backup of your owrk.
    2. Edit the XML for each of your objects by opening them in a text editor.
    3. Find the <PolyList> section that relates to teh powerpole.
    4. Change the line that says <MaterialPath="Objects\powerpole1" /> (yours will have a different name) so that it uses the same material for each object.
    5. Save.
    6. Open XPacker, open your XPack then remove all unused materials and textures.

  3. Thanks Brendon, i'll do that
    (so, that's what the thanks button does!)
  4. I do the same thing directly from within xpacker: you can correct the path, as Piddy said, in the material panel. It will ask if you want to delete old references to the material, click on yes.
  5. Piddy's tip worked fine. i'll try eno72's next time.
    thanks guys

    honestly though, it would be so much better if Chuck Norris would show up and tell those objects which materials to use, and the materials which dds files to use.

    Chuck Norris, Material Texture Ranger
  6. I cant seem to get Ennis Extras to load.? Any ideas?
  7. Does any body knows, why some of Xpacks object are so messy when I open my track on 0.6.3 version BTB?
  8. Hi once again.
    Please help me. Does anyone know what I need to do to solve this objects rendering problem. Some of my objects from track side Xpack collection (ambulance, bus, truck, crowd) renders bad. As I know those objects are costructed as quadrangle [], and they are shown in BTB corretly, but when I load that track on rFactor those objects are rendering as double plus sign ++. Sorry, but I can't upload picture now.
  9. i'm also getting the problems with trackside objects.rendering wrong in rfactor.i think his advertly added a alpha channel.which is shown up has a transparent objected.also check that the skybox isn't close to any of the any other objected,if it is switch the objected to a simple transparecy.to stop the rfactor z buffering bug appearing.
  10. Some pictures.
    Please help. Anybody :question:


  11. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    Some of those pics look to have the Normals pointing the wrong way.
  12. I have the same problem, I think in the Edit Texture option, if you edit the texture and make it "double sided" that should correct it? I will try this when i get home (about 6hrs) and let you know, or let me know if you do it in the meantime.
  13. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    Double sided should only be necessary when a texture is applied to apolygon which should be viewable from both sides. Most times, this is not the case but it really depends on how you biuld your models.
  14. Ok.... then that will not work. I think the ambulance is in a xpack called 'trackside objects', not sure who owns them and how they were built.
  15. the double side option doesn┬┤t work allways. Whenn i need a object with both side same texture, i finish one first, than copy it and place it with one millimeter offset to the first and turn the normal of the copy. Often it is not nessessary to to have a full block object. you see most of objects when you pass it with high speed (or rolled :D). For example billbords can be made with 4 planes, the real look makes the quality of texture.

    some programs or during converting are often turn the normals of polygone . it is very easy to turn it back in 3dsmax.

  16. I cant use the same texture for many objets.
    I hace two poles that shares the same texture and I pick it in Xpacker to use the same texture XXX in the two poles.
    But when its exported to Rfactor I see two differentes textures XXX and XXX1 so: If I use the same texture for 35 objets I get 35 idems textures.

    Well, I edit the XML for each objet searching for the Piddy instructions "4. Change the line that says <MaterialPath="Objects\powerpole1" /> (yours will have a different name) so that it uses the same material for each object."

    But in the XML there are nothing like that. Only is a Material........and a separated Patch that reference to a Mat0 (same for each object) and not the name of the material asigned for me.

    well,. How can I do to use the same texture for several objects.

    (pick it in XPacker seems to not work)
  17. I get the same problem with the objects and walls (see through), its worse when you see it through a camera.. I've actually gone back to 5 in order to have my track appear correctly in game.
  18. I've also noticed that some walls are not being displayed in v6 (when viewed in rfactor) but not had chance to investigate why this may be yet.
    I've not changed anything on those walls or surrounding area since v5 and they looked ok back then so must be something to do with v6???
  19. I need to rotate my texture on terrain but editor does nothing. It rotates in editor but not on terrain. Is it bug or we cant rotate textures on terrain?

    Edit: Looks like its impossible with BTB and max is the way to go in that section. Im very new what is related to texturing and mapping :)
  20. If you want control over the texture mapping (rotation, scaling, etc..) use track sections or walls.
    Terrain is for filling and therefore designed for using repeating textures like grass, sand, etc.