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"Xbox owners will get best version compared to the PlayStation"

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by fzbucks, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    I'm not reading your premise into the article. I think both versions will be equally fantastic. My understanding is that they had to take some extra time to GET the xbox one to perform at levels that the PS4 was already benchmarking. I'm an xbox owner, BTW.
  2. I posted this as an owner of both consoles. I seek to find the most polished version before i pre-order. Both hard drives are full so will have to delete stuff on one of the consoles...500gb !! stupid or what ?? As you say it will be equally fantastic.
  3. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Where does it mention hard drives? Whatever. Order away and have fun.
  4. you misunderstand, the hard drives on both my systems are full, therefore i will have to delete games on one of the consoles to make room since both consoles have very small hard drives .
  5. You ever think of getting more space? You can buy a hard drive on the internet.
  6. well Slightly mad have just released the info i needed. Project cars on PS4 1080P @60fps, on Xbox One 900P @60fps..
  7. Not quite equal, but probably not noticable for most people in terms of resolution.
  8. Gutted, i will notice the drop in res on the xbox one, dam it :(
  9. It sucks, but as said, most players won't notice it, sitting a good distance from the TV. But I guess it was either 900p or 30FPS/drop in quality/features. MS probably wouldn't allow the latter three (esp. with the PS4 running at 60FPS).