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Xbox One - Sound and Control issues

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Globespy, May 14, 2015.

  1. I was so excited to get this game, and I'm exceptionally disappointed.
    During the races the sound constantly glitches in and out making it an impossible experience. I use Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Premiums (Xbox one specific headset) and I've tried my Microsoft Xbox stereo headset, plus my original console supplied headset - same problem all round. I've read some dodgy workaround of plugging in the USB charger if you have a Microsoft plug and play charge kit. I don't have one of these, nor do I want one, nor will I be buying one when I'm perfectly happy with my battery charging options - not a solution. It's also not only when the left trigger is depressed either (as some report), it's constant when not even touching the controller, but absolutely impacted by the left trigger.
    Controls are horrible. The standard setup is so out of sync that it's impossible to play. I tried playing with the dead zone settings which helped a little, but it's like driving a drunk pig.
    I'm using the latest Xbox one console/controller firmware.
    None of these issues exist on any of my other Xbox one racing games, it's 100% related to Project Cars.
    At this stage I'm returning the title to Amazon. With so many massive issues on a launch title it's not confidence inspiring. It's an early beta product at best, and why you guys would release something like this is disgusting. I've read a few reviews, none mentioned any of these problems, so I can only sadly assume they were paid reviews.
    What were you thinking? Turn 10 will be laughing hard, this is no threat to the upcoming Forza 6 in any way.
    I hope PC owners are having a better experience, this is a huge fail on Xbox one.
    Poor show.
  2. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I am not experiencing these things at all so far. Got the game last Thursday and although only having had a limited amount of time on it so far I am more than happy. I have always been a wheel racer and never use the pad (i've generally felt I am hopeless with it) but am doing so with this game until I get a wheel once I return from my holiday in a few weeks time but I have been pleasantly surprised by how much enjoyment I have still had while using the pad. It took a while to get the settings right for me but now they are about where I think I'll leave them.
  3. I do get some sound glitches too, I use TurtleBeach XO ONE. But even on my tv sound bar it does make some sound glitches. It happens very rarely, feels like the game lags for 1-2 seconds and then sounds glitches. It doesn't happen very often so I don't really notice it. I'm sure it is something that will be fixed soon with some patches. It is not something that would make me to take a game back, like in your case. Funny man :)
  4. I'm pleased that you are having a positive experience. Sadly as the days go by the negative experiences are stacking up heavily across numerous forums, so either you guys are having some strange good luck anomaly, or your expectations are low. I don't mean that in a condescending way at all. It's just difficult to argue with significantly more negative feedback than positive. Numbers don't lie, especially when the feedback is not simply opinions on the game, instead on what's broken with the game dynamics.
    Check out the Amazon reviews to get only a small insight - most of the feedback is consistent, we are not all mad!
    I do appreciate your reply.
  5. Yes, I get your point and everyone has different expectations or opinions. For me, this is the best racing game on the console ever. Yes Forza 5 is more polished and looks better, but pCars are awesome to drive once you get the settings right. Yes there are some glitches, like sometimes it freezes or other little bits and bobs, but I'm having so much fun racing and I don't remember when I had that much on console. Forza 5 did not deliver great driving physics for my liking, Horizon was just and arcady racer, so pCars gave me what I wanted, despite all those little negative things. I do believe they fill fix things as he time goes.
    I have tried playing it with a controller and yes I didn't enjoy as much as on the wheel, but it was still fun. I know there are ways to fix handling problems with controller, so maybe you just needed to give it sometime and play around a little.
    Anyways, it's a shame you don't find same experience as I do. Maybe you should invest in wheel ;)
  6. Perhaps you might share your controller setup? I'm all for giving out a try, although the audio issue is practically a deal breaker as I game late at night so headphones are an absolute necessity to avoid driving the household mad. I've owned wheels in the past and am on the fence right now.

  7. i had issues with sound cutting out while using turtle beach headphones as well. the only fix right now is to turn force feedback to zero. until it is patched, this is the only thing that works for me. there is still stutter at times, but the sound does not completely cut out.
  8. Check out this thread, there are some help towards controller. I think there are 1 or 2 more threads on this forum regards the controller setup. Give it a try mate. And if I was you I would definitely buy a wheel, completely different experience playing pCars.
  9. Thanks. I did find a thread that have settings that make it almost playable now.
    What wheel do your recomend for XB1?

  10. Myself, I'm using Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 edition one and I'm pretty happy with it. Depends on your budget buddy, but I heard Fanatec CSW v2 are good (not sure if it is compatible with X1 tho) or any direct drive wheel. But overall, I'm very happy with TX. I picked it up on eBay for £220 with a stand. Keep an eye out :)
  11. The TX458 has a nice price point for sure, bit I'm drawn to the V2 Fanatec (apparently XB1 compatibility is here), even though it's going to be $1000 to get started.
    I'm also considering the new Accuforce, but at nearly $2000 it may be overkill for XB1 (I tired of PC gaming some time ago, preferring the Xbox Live experience). I also need to think about future console compatibility. I doubt the TX458 will have that, just like they didn't have backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 gear - I really liked my Microsoft Xbox 360 wheel - for the money it really delivered. I think the Fanatec is much more likely to have future proofing which may justify the price.