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Xbox 360 wheel with G25 pedals

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ben Tusting, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Hi all

    I just found this
    [ame="http://forum.rscnet.org/showthread.php?t=292745"]http://forum.rscnet.org/showpost.php?p=3486368&postcount=5[/ame](post number 5)

    Whats potentiometers?

    I have this cable
    and a wirestripper

    I also have just found this picture

    The g25 pedal cable looks like this
  2. So how would i actually do this? :)
  3. This is a great idea and may actually hold me off getting a Fanatec wheel.

    I have found [ame]http://forum.rscnet.org/showthread.php?t=335159[/ame] which also talks about it, and plenty of other people who have supposedly done this, but no decent instructions or diagrams!

    If you do have any joy with this please share, as I will.
  4. When i get my replacement wheel and pedals(warranty), I shall have a fiddle.
    The replacement arrives on Tuesday
  5. Did you get a chance to have a look Ben?

    Here is a diagram of G25 outs - should be just a case of matching up the same from the MS pedals now. I will rip apart my old ms ones tomorrow and see if I can work out what should go where, while waiting for the Forza 3 demo!

  6. Adrian, i haven't had the chance to look yet

    WIth your diagram you will also need this

    1 Ground (Black)
    2 Gas (Orange)
    3 Brake (White)
    4 Clutch (Green)
    6 +5V (Red)
    9 +5V (Red)
  7. Ben, I have now done this and its working well - so pleased to be back to right foot breaking!

    A very simple how to:-

    You need to get a length of modem cable with rj11 plugs (if you dont want to use existing cable!)

    And a dsub connector - both available from Maplins.


    Cut one end of the cable so you have rj11 and a length of wire to connect to the dsub

    The pins of the dsub if you look at the solder points are :-


    From the rj11 lead, solder as follows :-

    1 - Yellow
    2 - Black
    3 - Green
    4 -
    5 -
    6 - Red
    7 -
    8 -
    9 -


    Then connect to MS wheel and G25 pedals and enjoy!!
  8. Yep that's the one, although the one you had up earlier from maplins is fine and only £1.19
  9. But Postage and packaging @ maplins :D
  10. Lol fair point - im lucky in that I have a few near me!
  11. What's it like Adrian?

    Have you noticed any problems?
  12. I have only had a chance to play a bit of the Forza 3 demo and yes it does play well in that already it feels better with right foot braking.

    The only problem is that when lifting off the accelerator, I seem to have an amount of brake being applied as well. I am hoping this is something that can be adjusted such as the dead zone, with a game that allows it, as the forza demo has no wheel or pedal adjustments at all.

    Ill have a go with NFS shift tonight and report back.
  13. Managed to have a bit of a play last night with NFS Shift.

    Its definately better now after being able to play around with deadzone and sensitivity settings, however its not perfect and after removing the deadzone from the brake, it somehow made the accelerator stay on slightly!

    After some fiddling, I have it so that the brakes work fine and there is a very slight amount of accelerator being applied when lifting off, so that driving is very manageable.

    Hopefully Forza 3 (which is really all I will play most likely) will have a bit more fine tuning available and I can get it spot on.
  14. Have you not got Race Pro?
  15. Thanks Adrian, im planning on doing this myself aswell, there should be a solution for the breaking problem though, im gonna look into the electrics even deeper to see if i can fix that aswell. Since i dont have an X-Box 360 yet (preordered with forza 3) but already purchased the wheel, i wont be able to test till another 3 weeks though :)
  16. this is a 100% working adapter, without weird spikes and glitches, goodluck!